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How to communicate effectively in Skype


Online dating is one of the most accessible and popular ways of finding a partner. If 25 years ago for women from the former Soviet Union it seemed like an incredible luck to marry a foreigner, today it’s a common thing.

Indeed, on dating sites you can easily strike up a conversation with any man you like. There is no uneasiness or lengthy preparation - just type in the website address chat for as long as you want. Even if you are a shy person by nature, communicating online will allow you to feel more relaxed and uninhibited. Just remember one nuance - before starting a conversation you should carefully study the candidate’s profile. If the profile is almost empty, then you should probably avoid such a person because it’s unlikely that he registered on the website in search for true love. Pay particular attention to hobbies and outlook on life. Do you have common interests? Then - go ahead and get to know each other better.

However, regular correspondence eventually feels boring. Standard questions and memories from your childhood / tumultuous years in college /university, discussions of daily routines (work-home-work) will eventually make your communication feel bland and predictable. You will start wanting something more. And here comes video chatting. In order to organize a live chat, you will need the following: a computer with Internet connection, a microphone and a camera, Skype, and of course, confidence. OK, first things first:

Personal computer and a separate room. It is better to have unlimited access to the internet on your PC. This allows you not to worry about the money spent, so you can relax and enjoy your conversations. Piece of advice from experienced users: hold these chats in a separate room. If you don’t live alone, ask your family not to disturb you. If in the background there are relatives walking back and forth, pets climbing into your lap and kids begging you play with them - all of this may irritate the other person and make you feel awkward.

Headset for Skype and a video camera. Laptops usually have built in speakers, camera and microphone. For a stationary computer you will have to buy a camera and a headset with a microphone. Check the sound and video quality in advance. Skype is a free program, and you can install it from the official website. Depending on the mode you choose, you can either talk with someone and see them, or just talk without video, because either one of you might not have a camera.


Be confident. Many women are hesitant to transition to live conversations, because they are self-conscious about their looks, voice, accent, etc. But you must understand that none of it matters, because if your relationship has been developing then live conversations are absolutely necessary. If the only English you know is ‘What is your name?’ and ‘London is the capital of Great Britain’, we might disappoint you that your chances are not that good. You have to learn the language. There are phrase books, videos, audio files, self-study books, software programs, tests, forums, special groups in social networks – at this day and age you can learn even the dialect of an African tribe. You just need to want it. And, we are sure, you have all the motivation for it.

To feel confident during your live conversations, take advantage of these few tips that will help improve the quality of your communication.

  1. Good video and sound quality.  It is better not to skimp on the camera, because the better your partner will be able to see and hear you, the better are your chances to successfully continue your relationship.
  2. High speed internet connection. The enjoyment from conversation and the impression of a person directly depend on the quality of internet connection, so take it seriously. Seeing your companion in "pieces" or look like a “puzzle” yourself is not an option. Well, you might bear once, or twice with the poor quality of video transmission, but eventually the guy will simply start looking for someone who does not spare expense on high speed internet.
  3. Good lighting. A camera connected to a computer dims the light a little, so make sure that the other person can see you well. Do not sit in the darkness. This will not help you create a mysterious image, but will rather arouse suspicion that you might have some defects like disproportionate facial features, a mustache or something else you need to hide.
  4. Preparation. If you've never used video calling before, first try calling your close friends to make sure you learn how Skype works. You can always check audio and video quality in the automatic test mode.
  5. Notes. Use notes or stickers - write down some words and thoughts that you are planning to use in the course of your conversation. Many people find it difficult to have live video chats. They get nervous, start meddling with their hair and make awkward pauses. Don’t be like that. If you anticipate that there will be some difficulties – take anti-anxiety pill before your talk, practice a little before the mirror, and take a few deep breaths.
  6. Testing. To be sure of the sincerity of the feelings and intentions of the other person, do not rush into opening up right away, and instead throw him a small test. Ask him the same questions in different moments of the conversation. Just don’t use the same wording – your fantasy will become your trump card. And then simply compare his answers.

In general, don’t wait too long before transitioning to video calls, as it will help you figure out the intentions of the other person. A married man, for example, would not want to call you on Skype from his home in the evening, a teenager would refuse to Skype, because his voice will immediately will give him away, a scam artist would never want to go live either. If a man is really interested in having a serious relationship, then his willingness to talk on Skype at a convenient time for both of you will be the first confirmation of the seriousness of his intentions.

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