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How to overcome a language barrier

Anna Anisimova 07/17/2014

A language barrier is the inability to find a common language with a foreign correspondent. Why does it occur and how to overcome it? The main cause of a language barrier in communication of two adults is primarily not having enough foreign language practice. If a person has never communicated face to face with a native speaker, or rarely had a chance to do so, then doing it for the first time would feel uncomfortable and awkward. Women, who make a decision to meet men on a dating site, are often faced with the problem of a language barrier. And it makes sense – many are not fluent in English, and all they remember are some clichés from middle school “How do you do?” or “London is the capital of Great Britain”. And if a man suggests talking on Skype, they start to panic: “What am I going to say to him? What if I don’t understand anything he is saying? What if he leaves me after our first failed conversation?”

Stop and take a deep breath. If a potential boyfriend is longing for a live conversation, be frank from the start and admit that your English is not that good and ask him to speak slowly and clearly.

If, however, you are serious about finding a partner on an international dating site, make sure to improve your English. Nowadays, you can even master the dialects of the African tribes, so polishing up English skills should not be a problem. There are plenty of training videos, tutors, self-study tutorials, movies with subtitles, songs, audio courses, tests, and even ordinary school textbooks would do just fine. Every day spend 15-30 minutes on it, and within a month you will notice how your English is getting better.

If you are a complete beginner and can’t say more than Hello in English, hire a translator. It is a decent temporary solution that will help you two to quickly find a common language. There are some pros and cons here though. On one hand, a translator is a human being, with feelings and emotions, which means that your letters will feel human and not lifeless. On the other hand, letters are very personal things, and since you will have to forgo your privacy while having a translator – it will make your communication, and especially real dates, feel not as romantic.

All we are trying to say, that you can take certain steps to overcome a language barrier, given that you have a desire and at least some basic knowledge of English. Good luck!

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