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What is missing in your profile?


Often girls who are trying to find their future husband on online dating sites are faced with a lack of guys who meet their requirements, or lack decent amount of attention from their virtual admirers. But they are yearning for love! As a result, most of these girls in frustration close their computers and renounce to ever use online dating sites again.

Often the reason for that is quite simple and trivial: men are not interested in your profile. They open it, and they find them boring, sad or desperate.  Indeed, many women are not good at creating such a profile page that would instantly interest someone on the other side. Let’s analyze the main steps on the way to a success profile to understand what is missing in yours.


This is, without exaggeration, the first thing any man would pay attention to. So, spend some time and effort on it to make sure that you have your most flattering and, most importantly, a high quality photo. It may seal your fate. As they say: “You have only one attempt to make a good first impression”, and for men that first impression is particularly important. So, make sure that your photo is memorable. Plus, don’t just limit your profile to one photo – use your photos to show the versatility of your life: take photos in different places, different settings (home, office) and different types of outfits. This will definitely work and attract the right kind of attention. If you can’t think of creative ways to take interesting photos, use the internet to find good ideas.  Believe us, among thousands of same-type photos your creativity will not only stand out, but will also be memorable.



Some women simply don’t have enough patience to fill out all the fields in their profile. But you should remember that if you want to reach a certain goal, then you should move towards it regardless of how much effort and time it takes. After all, seek and you shall find. So, try to provide the most complete information about yourself because it will significantly increase your chances of meeting a man of dreams. If you are registered on several dating sites at once - create a document in a text editor, write the most complete resume about your life and interests and simply copy and paste it in required sections.

Personal information in your profile is the next thing a man evaluates after your photo sparked some interest. Remember, though, that on dating sites everyone is a hard worker, a great cook and doesn’t like conflicts. So you should focus on those personal traits that would separate you from a huge sea of other women registered on this site in search for their prince. These days employers are sick of all familiar trivial qualities like “creative” or “deals well with stress.” The same goes for personal profiles on dating sites. Besides a standard set of qualities and interests you should specify something that characterizes only you. Just don’t overdo it.

Expand your horizons

It is always a good idea to register on several dating sites to increase your chances of finding someone special. There are two kinds of dating sites: free and paid. Developers of paid services claim that their sites offer more opportunities to find a rich, kind and handsome suitor. Unfortunately, this information can’t be either confirmed or contested with certainty. In any case, be careful when choosing the person with whom you are communicating, because perverts, scam artists and scoundrels are found on the Internet no less frequently than in real life.

Before you choose a dating website to meet people, read user reviews on different forums and only then make a decision to register.

Perhaps, you like extreme sports, collect coins, or play a guitar.  Feel free to write about it - this kind of information will reveal much more about than a standard set of qualities of "the perfect bride." Any additional information will eventually play in your favor. And if a man did not appreciate your character traits or hobbies - then he was just not meant to be, and you shouldn’t get upset about it. In any case, there is a man out there who would love you for who you really are.

Matchpie is just one of those resources that you can trust. We created it as a counterpart to all purely commercial projects and wanted to build a resource that would really help people to find love. We do not have fake profiles, and our partner selection algorithm is focus on eliminating double dating.

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