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How to overcome a language barrier Anna Anisimova 07/17/2014

A language barrier is the inability to find a common language with a foreign correspondent. Women, who make a decision to meet men on a dating site, are often faced with the problem of a language barrier.  Why does it occur and how to overcome it?

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How to communicate effectively in Skype 07/24/2014

Online dating is one of the most accessible and popular ways of finding a partner. If 25 years ago for women from the former Soviet Union it seemed like an incredible luck to marry a foreigner, today it’s a common thing.

Indeed, on dating sites you can easily strike up a conversation with any man you like. There is no uneasiness or lengthy preparation - just type in the website address chat for as long as you want. Even if you are a shy person by nature, communicating online will allow you to feel more relaxed and uninhibited. Just remember one nuance - before starting a conversation you should carefully study the candidate’s profile. If the profile is almost empty, then you should probably avoid such a person because it’s unlikely that he registered on the website in search for true love. Pay particular attention to hobbies and outlook on life. Do you have common interests? Then - go ahead and get to know each other better.

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What is missing in your profile? 07/24/2014

Often girls who are trying to find their future husband on online dating sites are faced with a lack of guys who meet their requirements, or lack decent amount of attention from their virtual admirers. But they are yearning for love! As a result, most of these girls in frustration close their computers and renounce to ever use online dating sites again.

Often the reason for that is quite simple and trivial: men are not interested in your profile. They open it, and they find them boring, sad or desperate.  Indeed, many women are not good at creating such a profile page that would instantly interest someone on the other side. Let’s analyze the main steps on the way to a success profile to understand what is missing in yours.

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