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Common myths about dating websites


First serious dating websites that gave people the opportunity of finding love online and build serious long-term relationships appeared about 10 years ago. At that time the Internet was not as widely and publicly available as it is today. Plus, the speed of internet connection was also lagging, which impaired the ability to communicate with people from different countries and continents. But progress never stands still, and today these online resources are extremely popular, especially among women who want to find a respectable foreign husband.

However, online dating has managed to receive not only a positive reputation of being the saviors of lonely hearts, but they also created many myths, sometimes quite absurd in nature. Let's try and analyze it and separate the husk from the grain.

Myth: Men don’t want serious relationships

Online dating is very simple. All you need to do it open a desired window, then a desired profile, make a couple of memorable compliments to a girl and there you have it – the contact has been established. You don’t need to buy any flowers or chocolates, no need to spend money on expensive restaurants. Social inequality gets leveled out as well – a farmer may count on having a romantic relationship with a babe who has three diplomas. However, at this stage –the correspondence stage, most relationships end. Indeed, for some men it is enough to engage in some virtual flirting and get a feeling that someone likes you. Some of them are simply interested in cyber-sex or something like that.

Fact: unscrupulous "grooms" are found on the Internet as often as they exist in real life. The fact of the matter is that many men really want to find a life partner on dating websites. It’s just often in the course of your correspondence a man realizes that this woman does not suit him, and that is why the relationship doesn’t progress to the next level, and not because he is a player. That is especially true when a guy runs into materialism, cynicism or radical views.

Myth: the hotter your photo, the faster you will find a husband

If your profile doesn’t have a single photograph, men are unlikely to go visit it at all, because men are visual creatures and the first assessment they make – is an assessment of your looks. What matters is how you present yourself to your potential suitors. In this case, the best suited are the kind of photos that will demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions. Especially ridiculous look those women who upload pictures a la schoolgirl at a party or a star of Playboy and caption them: "I ​​am looking for a serious relationship."

Fact: The majority of women who are looking for serious relationship upload photos on dating websites that are quite explicit and vulgar: their goal is to attract attention of as many men as possible to find that special one. Unfortunately, their dream rarely comes to fruition because these kinds of photos mostly attract sex tourists or those more interested in one night stands. The more revealing is your outfit on your photo, the more sex tourists you will “catch.”

Myth: personal information on people’s profiles is true 

Many girls are so naive that they would believe every word the guy says. After all, can it be any other way? He has a lot of pictures with his car, next to his house, with his dog, and he seems to have such good character traits. But more often than not, even a dog won’t be his, not to mention the car and the house. Cases of deception are not uncommon, and professional Don Juans can easily seduce you with their promises and compliments.

Fact: First of all, any woman on a dating website should be vigilant, because on the Internet you can find not only potential suitors, but also scam artists and womanizers who are looking for virtual sex, financial help or one night stand while they are on a business trip. Learn to filter the information, read into every word, be careful and don’t forget what the other person has already told you. If his words do not match the information in his profile – turn around and run. It is very likely that it’s his 199th profile and he just got mixed up in all the lies he made up about himself. 

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