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Irina and Bill

Irina Zavgorodnjaja 07/17/2014

I have been spending my free evenings on Internet for several years now. I find it much easier to communicate with people via the Internet than in real life – you don’t have to constantly worry about how your looks, your clothes, your gestures, you can discuss any topic, undeterred and without having to find the right words. You have enough time to think over your reply, and overall it just feels less stressful.

I have a lot of friends in Russia and in other countries as well, but communicating with many of them online, I completely got disconnected with my offline life. Two years without a date, romance, movies (there were a couple of outings with my girlfriends). My evening dresses are forgotten in the closet, and I don’t really have a reason to put them on. At times, I felt a sense of despair: am I really that incompetent in life? Why do men not pay attention to me? Those who work with me in the same office are either already married or are not my type. In the evenings I "live" on social networks. I even have no time for hobbies. Is this a sure way to depression?

But what I dreamed about has finally come true. A friend from out of town told me about how she met her future American husband and their upcoming wedding. "Well - I thought, - I should also probably move to the next level of communication. I have plenty of friends, but it is about time I started a serious romantic relationship. I’m not a teenager any more. I’m 29 years old. It’s time to find a husband.”

I’ll be honest, I was very skeptical about dating a foreigner.  I'm here, he is there, and there is an ocean between us. Who is going to spend their time and money to deliver a foreign fruit to their homeland? As it turned out, there are plenty of takers.

The first weeks were on Matchpie were spent browsing through letters from men of all ages, from green guys to overripe daddies. I re-read them, compared them to each other, looked at their photos and studied their profiles. A letter from Bill really caught my attention. I was immediately attracted by his sincerity and simplicity. It was evident that the man wrote from his heart and not just to get in touch.  As I like to say, he had a "personal touch."

I replied to him, and we got to talking. As it turned out, he was only 6 years older than me, but he was already a widower. Clearly, he was longing for children and a stable family. And most importantly, we shared the same goals. It took us only 4 months to realize that we were looking in the same direction and that we had to meet in person.

Bill came to visit me in Kursk! I will not go into all the details – it’s very personal. But let me just say that six weeks ago I was already trying on wedding dresses. Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment – I am pregnant. So, as you see, I could never imagine that my evenings spent online could bring me to meet the love of my life. And I’d like to say to the girls out there: believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to meet someone on MatchPie. You get a unique opportunity to choose someone you are truly compatible with. And believe me, the distance is not a problem at all. Good luck to all of you!

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