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John and Anna


Hello, my name is Anna. I am 27 years old and currently I live in Seattle. I want to share a story with you that changed my life.

Five years ago I was on my last year at the university and I already clearly knew what I wanted my future to be like. I wanted to be a good vet: I had an internship in one of the best veterinary clinics of St. Petersburg, where I was offered a full-time position after my graduation.

One day a girlfriend of my came for dinner and with great excitement started telling me about her virtual "romances" with foreign men. To confirm her stories, she immediately opened a page on the Internet, and we began reading long beautiful letters addressed to her from American suitors. I did not really believe that my friend intended to actually marry a foreigner and go to live abroad. For her, it was more like entertainment.

When my friend left, just for fun I decided to see what kind of men register on websites like Matchpie. Right after I registered I received a list of recommended partners with whom I have common interests. What surprised me is how many of them were really cute. I used to think that dating sites are mostly for losers and perverts.

John was one of the first guys who wrote me. He did not shower me with endless compliments me, but instead focused on something we had in common: love for animals. It turned out he was also a veterinarian. That’s where it all started. We corresponded for a long time: talked about animals, about our studies, hobbies, lifestyles and many more. John was the first foreigner with whom I ever communicated, so for me it was very special indeed. I did not even notice how time flew, and the next day I had to make up early to go to school.

The next day we exchanged messages again and ended up talking to hours. It felt so easy with him talking about even complicated subjects. At that time my brother got very sick, and John was there for me, supporting me. I was very impressed.

A week later, we decided to talk on Skype. I didn’t have much practice speaking English before, so I wasn’t sure if I could speak well, but everything turned out fine. Somehow with the help of a dictionary or the language of gestures we have successfully held our first live conversation.

Since then, we called each other every few days for about a month. Usually people have a real date after such period, but we didn’t have such an opportunity. That is why our communication on Skype lasted for about six months. Then John came to visit me, met with my parents and relatives. We took long walks around St. Petersburg discussing what to do next. No one was ready to relocate, so we decided that we would visit each other every few months. But that plan only lasted until my first visit – John didn’t want to let me go.

It’s been five years since then. Our little daughter’s name is Katya. I am so grateful to chance that gave me real happiness. Girls, do not be afraid to change your life, love and be loved!



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