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Irina and Bill Irina Zavgorodnjaja 07/17/2014

I could never imagine that my evenings spent online could bring me to meet the love of my life. And I’d like to say to the girls out there: believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to meet someone on MatchPie. You get a unique opportunity to choose someone you are truly compatible with. And believe me, the distance is not a problem at all. Good luck to all of you!

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John and Anna 07/23/2014

Hello, my name is Anna. I am 27 years old and currently I live in Seattle. I want to share a story with you that changed my life.

Five years ago I was on my last year at the university and I already clearly knew what I wanted my future to be like. I wanted to be a good vet: I had an internship in one of the best veterinary clinics of St. Petersburg, where I was offered a full-time position after my graduation.

One day a girlfriend of my came for dinner and with great excitement started telling me about her virtual "romances" with foreign men. To confirm her stories, she immediately opened a page on the Internet, and we began reading long beautiful letters addressed to her from American suitors. I did not really believe that my friend intended to actually marry a foreigner and go to live abroad. For her, it was more like entertainment.

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Sasha and Ralph 07/24/2014

I am a typical career woman who chose her work instead of having a family. I was recently promoted to a senior manager position of a marketing department in a large company, for which I have been working hard for two years. I achieved my goal, and it made me happy. But then I had an epiphany – what’s next? I have a great job, lots of friends with whom I spend a lot of time, but at home - except for my beloved Yorkshire terrier Pitti that I adore – there is nobody else waiting for me.

And then my younger sister, who recently married an intelligent foreign gentleman, recommended that I register on a dating site Matchpie, where she found her happiness. I was skeptical of this kind of websites, but still decided to try my luck. You never know, do you?

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James and Vika James 07/24/2014

Good afternoon. My name is James. It so happened that at 22 years old I married the girl I loved. I was planning to spend a long and happy life together with her. When my wife got pregnant, we decided to move to a house in the suburbs so that our child could have a fun and carefree childhood. Unfortunately, fate decreed differently – my wife’s illness has destroyed all of our plans. Two years after the birth of our daughter my wife passed away. I was left alone with a baby on my hands. Relatives and friends were constantly trying to set me up with women, but I simply wasn’t’ ready for a new relationship.

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Olga and Robert Olga 07/24/2014

Hello, dear members of the website. My name is Olga. A few months ago I registered on Matchpie. I had a pretty specific goal – I wanted to meet a nice guy with whom I could spend some quality time in America. The thing is, ten years ago my mother's sister moved to the United States for good, and this summer I was planning to finally visit her.

I have never suffered from lack of attention from the opposite sex, and I knew that I would definitely meet someone when I go to the United States. But I was interested in having such an experiment and trying to find a guy on a dating site.

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Katya and Matt 07/24/2014

If you only knew how many times I was disappointed in men! How many horrible dates I had to go through where I felt like I wanted to die from embarrassment. So, I am a typical loser when it comes to relationships. The thing is – I don’t even expect much, I just want to meet a sincere, intelligent and interesting guy...

When in my every day environment there were no men left who I could consider as potential partners for a serious relationship, I decided to try my luck in the search for love using dating sites.

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