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Caution, a groom is a foreigner!


It is believed that the dream of any average girl from Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia is to marry a wealthy foreigner who can provide her with a better life. This stereotype was born out of a not entirely accurate opinion about the countries of Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and Asia as countries with low standards of living and a limited set of social guarantees.

The mentality of Americans, for example, is also very different from behavior and habits of people living in the countries of the former USSR. Perhaps the most significant difference lies in attitude towards money and priorities in life. Therefore, some potential foreign grooms are afraid that a woman they meet on a dating site is only driven by money and nothing else.

But sometimes the situation is quite the opposite: when a man actually tries to take advantage from communicating with a woman from the former Soviet Union, and has no intentions to build a strong long-term relationship. 

Let’s look at the main types of men who should not be in your circle of confidants on dating websites:


This is a type of men who can’t really boast about lots of experience in relationships with women, or good career prospects. They register on dating sites with a firm belief that being a "foreigner" is enough of an advantage to compensate for all their other shortcomings. Narcissus men prefer prolonged correspondence, which can sometimes last for months and which will occasionally contain light hints of an upcoming meeting in person. In reality though, this type of men doesn’t need any personal meetings because to arrange them they have to actually put some time and effort, and money into it.

Furthermore, the result of such a meeting for Narcissus is quite unpredictable – virtual communication allows him to build a relationship in the way that suits him first of all, but during a personal meeting there could be many nuances that he would rather not talk about. As a result, a fit and athletic man with a beautiful body would most likely turn out to be a fitness coach and not a businessman who leads a healthy lifestyle .And a sophisticated and bohemian romantic with a bow tie would turn out be just some loser who barely makes his ends meet, loves to dress stylishly, but due to lack of money either wears some hand me downs from his friends, or shops in second-hand stores, which, of course, he will never admit to you.

Sex tourist
Another type of foreign men that frequent online dating websites is a sex tourist. They are aggressively looking for new encounters and won’t pass a single new profile on a dating site. These men, on the contrary, don’t need long-distance communication, but instead they are usually fast to offer you a meeting in person and are willing to come to your country tomorrow. Keep in mind that the arrival of such a “groom" from overseas will be anxiously awaited by 10 or even 20 other girls, meetings with whom have been scheduled in advance. Half of the "brides" will most likely agree to intimacy, and that is exactly what a sex tourist is counting for. His seduction plan is extremely simple: dinner at a restaurant, promises of pie in the sky, a night cap at his hotel room that leads to sex. There is even a simpler scenario – an invitation to virtual sex on Skype. Rest assured - your unpretentious (or fanciful?) home video will certainly be recorded and sold to some porn site. If you are offered sex on Skype or are asked to take off some of your clothes in front of the camera – stop your communication. You are simply being used.


Divorced men, especially those who were caught cheating by their or losers with low social status but high expectations also often try to find new experiences on dating websites.  Moreover, they prefer to look for partners as far away from home as possible – ideally, in the other hemisphere. They register on dating sites just for fun, or out of boredom. They usually log in on Skype in the evenings from their homes, because during the day they work hard and a lot. For whatever reason, these men can’t find someone to start a family with in their own environment.   Try to figure out why. There could be many different reasons: from alcoholism and of pathological thriftiness, to impotence and nervous disorders. Many of them are perverts or mentally ill individuals. And believe us, it's still not the worst thing that you can find on dating sites. "Victims" of these men are usually girls who are insecure and don’t have a good command of a foreign language.

It’s not very difficult to marry such a man, but don’t get excited too soon. Men, who have experienced serious problems in their first marriage, have a high probability of repeating their mistakes in their next one. As a result – another divorce. A foreign woman in this case has two options: to stay in a foreign country and adapt to her new life, or to go back home, for which she would need money.

So be very careful when choosing men on dating websites. Do not idealize anyone, do not be too trusting, and ask the same question several times, but in different forms. You can even record the answers to compare later. Usually liars quickly show their true colors. They have a story that they memorized - they know it through and through, but everything they added to it “on the go” they would most likely eventually get mixed up. So, as a test, you can select a dozen of unique questions and ask them at random. Of course, it is not possible to protect yourself 100% from all fraud and dishonesty, but if you keep your eyes and your ears open, you have a much better chance to succeed. After all, we women are, by nature, vulnerable human beings and with every unsuccessful love story we get disillusioned in men. Take care of yourself - you can do it! 

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