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Men are from Mars, women are from Russia


Foreigners, who decided to try their luck on the internet and find their soul mate in Russia, will never be disappointed in that decision. It is widely known that Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have the most beautiful and family oriented women.

However, it is worth noting that mindsets of people living in the United States, and those who live in the former Soviet Union countries have some differences, which could occasionally lead to misunderstandings. If after a first meeting with a Russian beauty a foreign man thought that she was not well-behaved and a little rude person who doesn’t know how to present herself appropriately in the society, don’t overreact and immediately cut your communication.

There are some differences between the American and Russian lifestyles, which may also manifest themselves in the behavior of your girl.

In Russia, people don’t typically smile at others, although in the Western countries it is a common thing and is considered quite a natural behavior. In your bride’s homeland when people see a stranger smiling at them, they would most likely think that he is either crazy, or drunk or trying to inappropriately flirt.

Russian people usually smile to their friends and acquaintances, and also when they are asking for a favor from a stranger. Just walking on the street and smiling is not at all common. There is even a saying: "smiling like an idiot," which in fact refers to what is considered inappropriate smiling.

In Western countries it is common to lightly and frequently apologize, which is a sign of common courtesy. Some people might even be too courteous, for example, when passing by another person and not even touching them, they would still apologize. In Russia, it is not common. So, people don’t simply pay attention to such things as a light tactile contact with a stranger in the crowd. And if they are bothered too much instead, they might just swear at you.

In the US people are more friendly and open. They can stop you on the street, ask you how things are, and ask about your family’s health. This does not mean that they are truly interested in your affairs; it is just something that people do. When they see new neighbors, they would definitely hurry to introduce themselves, and even bring welcome cookies. These are, shall we say, signs of excessive courtesy. Russians are wired differently. An attempt to strike a conversation with a stranger and ask him about his health will cause great discomfort in that person. Russians don’t pry into someone’s life, because they often simply do not care how things are going in a person’s life who they ran into in the morning. Nevertheless, if necessary, Russians will always help a person in trouble, often going out of their way.

In some women these differences are very pronounced, and someone manage not to notice such small "cultural barriers" in their new surroundings. In any case, a man who marries and takes a Russian girl to his homeland should be patient and realize that the process of adaptation to a new environment will take some time.

Patterns of behavior in the western and eastern societies are indeed very different. This can sometimes cause some misunderstanding. However, in your further communication you will definitely appreciate all the depth and beauty of the Russian soul. The most important thing that you can and should do for your beloved woman is to show her that you are always by her side and will support her. 

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