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Caution, a groom is a foreigner! 07/24/2014

It is believed that the dream of any average girl from Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia is to marry a wealthy foreigner who can provide her with a better life. This stereotype was born out of a not entirely accurate opinion about the countries of Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and Asia as countries with low standards of living and a limited set of social guarantees.

The mentality of Americans, for example, is also very different from behavior and habits of people living in the countries of the former USSR. Perhaps the most significant difference lies in attitude towards money and priorities in life. Therefore, some potential foreign grooms are afraid that a woman they meet on a dating site is only driven by money and nothing else.

But sometimes the situation is quite the opposite: when a man actually tries to take advantage from communicating with a woman from the former Soviet Union, and has no intentions to build a strong long-term relationship. 

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Men are from Mars, women are from Russia 07/24/2014

Foreigners, who decided to try their luck on the internet and find their soul mate in Russia, will never be disappointed in that decision. It is widely known that Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have the most beautiful and family oriented women.

However, it is worth noting that mindsets of people living in the United States, and those who live in the former Soviet Union countries have some differences, which could occasionally lead to misunderstandings. If after a first meeting with a Russian beauty a foreign man thought that she was not well-behaved and a little rude person who doesn’t know how to present herself appropriately in the society, don’t overreact and immediately cut your communication.

There are some differences between the American and Russian lifestyles, which may also manifest themselves in the behavior of your girl.

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What kind of women foreign men don’t want to marry 07/24/2014

After the turbulent 90s, when women of the former USSR at breakneck speed rushed to conquer the United States and Europe, they acquired quite an unfavorable reputation of being gold-diggers and chevalier of fortune. That is why foreign men are often wary of the girls from ex-Soviet countries, and not without good reason: some "brides" in just a few dates declare their undying love and readiness to follow their suitor to the end of the world. In general this is a typical dream of every provincial girl: to find a foreign prince on a white E-class horse who would whisk her away with him to another country and provide a comfortable living until the end of days.

However, overseas grooms have learned to see through these tactics and became very reluctant to talk about their income and assets. However, if a girl really feels genuine attraction towards a man and considers him a potential partner for life, then eventually a man will open up and be ready to link his fate with a bride from another hemisphere.

Still, there are certain categories of “brides” who wealthy foreign men searching for a life partner from the ex-Soviet country will try to avoid at all cost.

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3 things that you need to consider before moving abroad 07/24/2014

Men and women complete each other. However, these "halves" that form a whole are very different in their own right. Nonetheless, for many centuries now they are drawn to each other, and it will never change. It's one thing when a girl is interacting with a man from her own circle, who is local and understands the language, the manner of speech and all other subtleties and nuances that complement the process of communication. Another thing is when you have to learn to understand a person from another country, who has a different lifestyle, different habits, mentality and is in general totally different from you. So, you are all set to move to another country. What you need to consider first of all:

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How to bypass your competition on a dating site 07/24/2014

Nearly every dating website has a section that showcases the most popular profiles. On one hand, the demonstrating such a top-list motivates other members to get on it, but on the other, it may discourage some people to compete with such beauties and handsome men on a dating scene. But remember that very often these pictures of models are simply bait for potential grooms, and the majority of women are ordinary women with ordinary looks and a typical set of qualities and hobbies. So, don’t give up.

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