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What kind of women foreign men don’t want to marry 07/24/2014

After the turbulent 90s, when women of the former USSR at breakneck speed rushed to conquer the United States and Europe, they acquired quite an unfavorable reputation of being gold-diggers and chevalier of fortune. That is why foreign men are often wary of the girls from ex-Soviet countries, and not without good reason: some "brides" in just a few dates declare their undying love and readiness to follow their suitor to the end of the world. In general this is a typical dream of every provincial girl: to find a foreign prince on a white E-class horse who would whisk her away with him to another country and provide a comfortable living until the end of days.

However, overseas grooms have learned to see through these tactics and became very reluctant to talk about their income and assets. However, if a girl really feels genuine attraction towards a man and considers him a potential partner for life, then eventually a man will open up and be ready to link his fate with a bride from another hemisphere.

Still, there are certain categories of “brides” who wealthy foreign men searching for a life partner from the ex-Soviet country will try to avoid at all cost.

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Sasha and Ralph 07/24/2014

I am a typical career woman who chose her work instead of having a family. I was recently promoted to a senior manager position of a marketing department in a large company, for which I have been working hard for two years. I achieved my goal, and it made me happy. But then I had an epiphany – what’s next? I have a great job, lots of friends with whom I spend a lot of time, but at home - except for my beloved Yorkshire terrier Pitti that I adore – there is nobody else waiting for me.

And then my younger sister, who recently married an intelligent foreign gentleman, recommended that I register on a dating site Matchpie, where she found her happiness. I was skeptical of this kind of websites, but still decided to try my luck. You never know, do you?

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3 things that you need to consider before moving abroad 07/24/2014

Men and women complete each other. However, these "halves" that form a whole are very different in their own right. Nonetheless, for many centuries now they are drawn to each other, and it will never change. It's one thing when a girl is interacting with a man from her own circle, who is local and understands the language, the manner of speech and all other subtleties and nuances that complement the process of communication. Another thing is when you have to learn to understand a person from another country, who has a different lifestyle, different habits, mentality and is in general totally different from you. So, you are all set to move to another country. What you need to consider first of all:

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James and Vika James 07/24/2014

Good afternoon. My name is James. It so happened that at 22 years old I married the girl I loved. I was planning to spend a long and happy life together with her. When my wife got pregnant, we decided to move to a house in the suburbs so that our child could have a fun and carefree childhood. Unfortunately, fate decreed differently – my wife’s illness has destroyed all of our plans. Two years after the birth of our daughter my wife passed away. I was left alone with a baby on my hands. Relatives and friends were constantly trying to set me up with women, but I simply wasn’t’ ready for a new relationship.

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How to bypass your competition on a dating site 07/24/2014

Nearly every dating website has a section that showcases the most popular profiles. On one hand, the demonstrating such a top-list motivates other members to get on it, but on the other, it may discourage some people to compete with such beauties and handsome men on a dating scene. But remember that very often these pictures of models are simply bait for potential grooms, and the majority of women are ordinary women with ordinary looks and a typical set of qualities and hobbies. So, don’t give up.

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Olga and Robert Olga 07/24/2014

Hello, dear members of the website. My name is Olga. A few months ago I registered on Matchpie. I had a pretty specific goal – I wanted to meet a nice guy with whom I could spend some quality time in America. The thing is, ten years ago my mother's sister moved to the United States for good, and this summer I was planning to finally visit her.

I have never suffered from lack of attention from the opposite sex, and I knew that I would definitely meet someone when I go to the United States. But I was interested in having such an experiment and trying to find a guy on a dating site.

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Katya and Matt 07/24/2014

If you only knew how many times I was disappointed in men! How many horrible dates I had to go through where I felt like I wanted to die from embarrassment. So, I am a typical loser when it comes to relationships. The thing is – I don’t even expect much, I just want to meet a sincere, intelligent and interesting guy...

When in my every day environment there were no men left who I could consider as potential partners for a serious relationship, I decided to try my luck in the search for love using dating sites.

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