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Common myths about dating websites 07/24/2014

First serious dating websites that gave people the opportunity of finding love online and build serious long-term relationships appeared about 10 years ago. At that time the Internet was not as widely and publicly available as it is today. Plus, the speed of internet connection was also lagging, which impaired the ability to communicate with people from different countries and continents. But progress never stands still, and today these online resources are extremely popular, especially among women who want to find a respectable foreign husband.

However, online dating has managed to receive not only a positive reputation of being the saviors of lonely hearts, but they also created many myths, sometimes quite absurd in nature. Let's try and analyze it and separate the husk from the grain.

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Caution, a groom is a foreigner! 07/24/2014

It is believed that the dream of any average girl from Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia is to marry a wealthy foreigner who can provide her with a better life. This stereotype was born out of a not entirely accurate opinion about the countries of Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and Asia as countries with low standards of living and a limited set of social guarantees.

The mentality of Americans, for example, is also very different from behavior and habits of people living in the countries of the former USSR. Perhaps the most significant difference lies in attitude towards money and priorities in life. Therefore, some potential foreign grooms are afraid that a woman they meet on a dating site is only driven by money and nothing else.

But sometimes the situation is quite the opposite: when a man actually tries to take advantage from communicating with a woman from the former Soviet Union, and has no intentions to build a strong long-term relationship. 

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Irina and Bill Irina Zavgorodnjaja 07/17/2014

I could never imagine that my evenings spent online could bring me to meet the love of my life. And I’d like to say to the girls out there: believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to meet someone on MatchPie. You get a unique opportunity to choose someone you are truly compatible with. And believe me, the distance is not a problem at all. Good luck to all of you!

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How to overcome a language barrier Anna Anisimova 07/17/2014

A language barrier is the inability to find a common language with a foreign correspondent. Women, who make a decision to meet men on a dating site, are often faced with the problem of a language barrier.  Why does it occur and how to overcome it?

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Hello world! reptiloid 08/02/2013

Verity was never lower than fifth in the national bowling averages and took over 150 wickets in every year except his first, assisting Yorkshire to the County Championship seven times in his ten seasons

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Men are from Mars, women are from Russia 07/24/2014

Foreigners, who decided to try their luck on the internet and find their soul mate in Russia, will never be disappointed in that decision. It is widely known that Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have the most beautiful and family oriented women.

However, it is worth noting that mindsets of people living in the United States, and those who live in the former Soviet Union countries have some differences, which could occasionally lead to misunderstandings. If after a first meeting with a Russian beauty a foreign man thought that she was not well-behaved and a little rude person who doesn’t know how to present herself appropriately in the society, don’t overreact and immediately cut your communication.

There are some differences between the American and Russian lifestyles, which may also manifest themselves in the behavior of your girl.

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How to communicate effectively in Skype 07/24/2014

Online dating is one of the most accessible and popular ways of finding a partner. If 25 years ago for women from the former Soviet Union it seemed like an incredible luck to marry a foreigner, today it’s a common thing.

Indeed, on dating sites you can easily strike up a conversation with any man you like. There is no uneasiness or lengthy preparation - just type in the website address chat for as long as you want. Even if you are a shy person by nature, communicating online will allow you to feel more relaxed and uninhibited. Just remember one nuance - before starting a conversation you should carefully study the candidate’s profile. If the profile is almost empty, then you should probably avoid such a person because it’s unlikely that he registered on the website in search for true love. Pay particular attention to hobbies and outlook on life. Do you have common interests? Then - go ahead and get to know each other better.

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John and Anna 07/23/2014

Hello, my name is Anna. I am 27 years old and currently I live in Seattle. I want to share a story with you that changed my life.

Five years ago I was on my last year at the university and I already clearly knew what I wanted my future to be like. I wanted to be a good vet: I had an internship in one of the best veterinary clinics of St. Petersburg, where I was offered a full-time position after my graduation.

One day a girlfriend of my came for dinner and with great excitement started telling me about her virtual "romances" with foreign men. To confirm her stories, she immediately opened a page on the Internet, and we began reading long beautiful letters addressed to her from American suitors. I did not really believe that my friend intended to actually marry a foreigner and go to live abroad. For her, it was more like entertainment.

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Hello world2! 08/02/2013

Verity was never lower than fifth in the national bowling averages and took over 150 wickets in every year except his first, assisting Yorkshire to the County Championship seven times in his ten seasons Verity was never lower than fifth in the national bowling averages and took over 150 wickets in every year except his first, assisting Yorkshire to the County Championship seven times in his ten seasons

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What is missing in your profile? 07/24/2014

Often girls who are trying to find their future husband on online dating sites are faced with a lack of guys who meet their requirements, or lack decent amount of attention from their virtual admirers. But they are yearning for love! As a result, most of these girls in frustration close their computers and renounce to ever use online dating sites again.

Often the reason for that is quite simple and trivial: men are not interested in your profile. They open it, and they find them boring, sad or desperate.  Indeed, many women are not good at creating such a profile page that would instantly interest someone on the other side. Let’s analyze the main steps on the way to a success profile to understand what is missing in yours.

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