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Terms of service

This agreement represents a collection of rules that our users are required to comply with, because they set out arrangements for the use of the website and are designed to regulate the relationships between its parties.

Individual person, who wishes to use the services of the website, hereinafter referred to as the "User", accepts the terms of this agreement and confirms the following:


• Complete familiarization with its terms

• User’s dispositive legal capacity, formal legal capacity and being at least 18 years of age 

• Obligation to use this website in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

The User may not use this website for the following purposes:


  • Uploading and publishing any kind of information, which could potentially afflict moral damage to other users, as well as publishing any illegal content and photos of questionable nature.
  • Uploading and publishing any kind of materials, which may contain certain viruses, malicious codes and programs designed to harm or limit the functionality of computer utilities or telecommunications equipment.


The User undertakes the following obligations: 


  • To provide complete and accurate information when filling out the registration form, and also to make timely amendments in case of any changes of personal information
  • To immediately inform the website administration in case of unauthorized access to the User’s account or any other security threats to the website
  • All photographs and materials, which depict the User with any third parties, may be uploaded to the site only with their full awareness and consent
  • Not to open access to personal contact information: addresses, telephone numbers, links to pages on social networks, etc.
  • Not to grant without authorization access to information, resources and materials that require special consent of the rights holder and specification of his authorship
  • The User may not publish on the website any propaganda and commercial materials, invitations to participate in pyramid schemes, spam messages and similar intrusive information
  • The User may not publish any illegal materials in the form of slander, various insults and profanities, pornography and resources that promote violence
  • You can only have one registered profile per User
  • The User may not offer any matchmaking services or impose their personal information onto other users
  • The User may not offer or accept any offers of making any kind of deals with respect to services, goods and works without the consent of the website administration
  • The User accepts the fact that all the information that he voluntarily published on this website can be accessed by others , and that website administration bears no responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of that information
  • The User accepts the fact that most online dating websites use a common searchable database of registered members, which is hosted on special unique domains


The administration of the website has the right to:


  • To make changes or modify this website at its sole discretion
  • If deemed necessary, unilaterally amend the terms of this agreement
  • To contact a User requesting the confirmation of the rights to publish the photos, programs and materials on this website
  • To deny a User the registration on the website in relation to a violation of the terms of this agreement
  • The administration of the website has the right without prior notice to a User to any information or materials published by a User, if they do not comply with the existing legislation of the Russian Federation
  • To provide to all Users various types of services, including paid services
  • To change the period of validity of services, as well as their types and prices, at its sole discretion
  • To remove without warning from our servers any questionable and illegal materials
  • In order to improve the operation of the website or in the event of unforeseen circumstances, to transfer the terms of this agreement to a third party; User consent is not required in that case


The administration of the website is not responsible for the following:


  • The accuracy and validity of the information and materials that are published by our users on the website
  • If any of the Users violate the existing laws
  • If a User incurred losses caused by third parties
  • For any damage or malfunction of a User’s computer, which was used to log in to our website, or for any problems in the operation of the website and communication circuits
  • For the loss of information or causing harm during of use of this service, including when using technical, mobile devices and communication tools


All rights to this website belong to its administration and are fully protected by the Law on the protection of intellectual property rights.

© 2010-2018 All right reserved.

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