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Love story

I am looking for a partner through the site because:

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Rudolph, 55 years old
Matchpie has become a great surprise for me. I’ve been communicating with women from different countries online for several years now, mostly to pass time and discuss various topics of interest, and, you know, I’ve never really thought of any of them as a potential spouse. Then I met Irina on Matchpie. It also began as a friendship, but soon I realized that I wanted more. My wife died 10 years ago. Over time, I got used to the thought that I’ll never meet anyone like her. Now, I must admit that I was wrong! Irina and I live have been living together for a year now, our wedding was this summer. It was a fun and very modern party. Thank you so much, Matchpie! I’m now confidently recommending your website to my single friends.

Arina, 50 years old
At the age of 49 I met someone for whom I quit my job, left my hometown and moved overseas. I'm so glad that I trusted in Matchpie. Great service! I will never stop thanking you.

Inga, 36 years old
I started looking for a foreign husband after two failed marriages with Russian guys. A typical story: one was a drunk, the other one hit me. I got tired of it. I wanted a breath of fresh air, wanted to be treated like a human being and simply to be loved and happy. Jared turned out to be precisely the kind of man who was able to breathe new life into me. I registered on Matchpie after I saw your ad on the Internet. One week later I was already swamped with attention from men. I am getting ready for my wedding. As we speak. I am so grateful to Matchpie for giving me the opportunity to find someone who truly appreciates me!

Anya, 21 years old
My girlfriends made fun of me: why would you be using online dating services? You are still young, there are plenty of guys around, you are pretty – so you could choose any one of them. But I really wanted a man from another country.  There is something mysterious, romantic, and spontaneous about them. And boy I am glad that I am now on Matchpie. I don’t want to jump ahead of myself, but I think I’ve already found my soul mate.  I wish you all the same!

Jason, 33 years old
After my main job I also moonlight a little. I live alone; there is no need to hurry home, so in the evening I usually spend time on the Internet. Fortunately, this is going last much longer. Four months ago I met a wonderful Russian girl on Matchpie. If our relationship continues to evolve, then in the fall I will fly over there for a real date. I want to say thank you to this resource that has real and nice girls, and not gold diggers. Do not be afraid to register. Everything is honest here!

Eric, 68 years old
I didn’t think that at my age you can fall in love. But it just so happened that my heart was stolen by a Ukrainian beauty Galina. A friend of mine suggested that I registered on Matchpie. At first I was hesitant, a little afraid, I felt intimidated – I am not a young man any more, plus I already have some health issues. But, as it turned out, love conquers all. Thank you, Matchpie, for having convinced me in that!

Christian, 39 years old
I am handicapped. You can only imagine what kind of a personal life such a man might expect. Communicating with people via the Internet was my escape. That was until a kind angel entered my life – a Russian girl named Lena. We met at Matchpie and immediately knew that we were made for each other. Lena was brave enough to come visit me; she did not get scared by the distance and the unknown. I'm so happy that one day I came across Matchpie by accident. This service changed my life. Now I know that everything happens in life for a reason.

Ian, 44 years old
Matchpie is by far not the first resource that I have been using to meet women. The only difference is that on other websites arrogant and self-serving women tried to take advantage of me and my finances. They literally during our first conversation asked me if I was willing to send them gifts. Until finally, on Matchpie I met the one who until this day hasn’t asked me about my income level. There you go, guys. There are still honest ladies out there. Meet them on Matchpie and see for yourself.

Olga, 29 years old
I want to thank Matchpie not only for helping me find an amazing husband, but also for providing us with a convenient, honest and transparent service. I am now convinced that all the men on this website are real bachelors who are looking for their soul mates, and not for entertainment, while their existing wives are not home.

Felix, 33 years old
I registered on the website. Then a very beautiful girl wrote me, and we started communicating. After some time we decided that our meeting here was fate. Now we are already married. We have a happy family with two kids. I do not distinguish between mine and hers. Of the so many dating websites I personally came to the conclusion that Matchpie is the best service for meeting people. Thanks you, Matchpie!

Natasha, 35 years old
I really like Matchpie. I picked this particular website to help me find my other half. After a recent breakup, I was terribly depressed and I accidentally stumbled upon Matchpie website. I contemplated for a while whether to register, but eventually took a risk. A young man wrote to me and my heart skipped a beat. “God exists”, I thought to myself. We are still together. We love each other. I wish you all to be happy!

Maria, 28 years old
To be honest, I used to be very skeptical about the possibility of finding the right person on a dating site. But my fate was decided by a completely random event. I saw a picture of a cute guy, and wrote to him. The next day I received a reply from him, and he suggested continuing our dialogue. I’ll be honest, the first time he wrote me, nothing really spoke to me that much and I even thought that it might be over soon. But he continued to write to me! And recently he proposed. Miracles do happen!

Dina, 29 years old
I met my love on this website. From the first letters he seemed like a simple guy. I almost didn’t respond to him at first. But then something got me hooked…  And our communication quickly grew into love. Next, he came to visit me! He behaved like a real gentleman! I was so impressed by how he treated me. He was so caring and delicate! We are getting married this summer…

Sean, 43 years old
I work long hours. So, I don’t have many opportunities to meet women for a serious relationship, mostly for random dates. Finally, I decided to register on Matchpie. And you know, the fate smiled at me! I met an amazing girl! We have communicated for quite a while on the site. She is so sincere that I grew to trust her and I think I’m in love! I am feeling like an 18 year old guy! I came to visit her and realized that she is the one. Thank you, Matchpie, for helping me find a girl of my dreams! "

Anna, 29 years old
I’ve haven’t been a member of the site for too long. But I got lucky and my beloved quickly found me in the huge sea of other profiles. We communicated briefly, and he decided to come to visit. When we met, we immediately realized: this is IT! We’ve been happy together for a year and a half now. Simon is the man that I’ve been dreaming of my whole life.

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