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How it works

Online dating service Matchpie is here to break the stereotypes about online and international dating and offers services at a new, higher level by using a more effective system. From the first minutes on our website you will realize how different we are from our competitors not only in the simplicity of using the service, but also in the level of service itself, offering you a unique opportunity to verify member photos and the most transparent operational scheme.

Why people choose MatchPie

During the first experience on a number of different dating sites, some women naively believe that they will find a foreign husband right away and their personal life will be all set. Just put a nice photo, and thousands of American men will start writing you letters and asking for your hand in marriage. However, having spent some time on those websites and having browsed through tens of thousands of profiles, ladies begin to despair – half of those men are actually looking for mistresses or a single date. True, marriage agencies’ advertisement is full of promises of finding you a caring and loving handsome husband, the owner of “businesses, factories and ships." But, unfortunately, most of these agencies are only interested in making money. They count on always being able to find new naive young women who they can take an advantage of. And the longer those women stay in "active search” mode, the more money the agency will make.

Our task is to organize dating between Slavic women and unmarried American men. Our goal is to help them create truly strong, happy and long-term relationships. We do not work with people who are looking for sexual adventures or wealthy sponsors. At the same time, we are not interested in men and women spending years on our website and not being able to find happiness.  Statistically, it takes a person an average of 2 to 6 months to find someone who will meet their moral, physical, ethical and other requirements. All profiles on our website belong to real people. We do not have fakes and bots.

Our secrets of selecting a match for you

The name of our company (“match” plus “pie”) speaks for itself. It is very important to us that a couple was perfectly matched, and not only two lonely hearts found each other, but also two compatible personalities. To succeed it that, we put every new member through an individual psychological testing. Based on its results our service’s experts determine compatibility and recommend a suitable partner. Next, we organize your communication in a private mode: only you and the person that caught your interest. No other men or women. Our experts in psychology believe that this system allows to deeper understand, get to know better and focus on each other, and also ensures a more relaxed and natural interaction.

However, if something goes wrong or you are not satisfied with your current interaction, you will be offered other candidates who meet your expectations and requirements.

Take a chance on your personal happiness

Think for a minute, whether you could get reliable information about a potential spouse from a dubious dating website that uses a standard approach of "demand / supply + photo / profile", and whether you could trust different marriage agencies, whose websites are flooded with advertising sites, and user profiles are barely filled out.

Matchpie offers you a user-friendly interface and beautiful design. Our member profiles give you a pretty good idea of who they are. Our website gives you a chance to meet a foreigner to create a family. Finally, say good-bye to your loneliness! Start your new life by registering on MatchPie!

It is a reality: a reliable, loving man, who is ready to start a family. Your destiny and your better half are just a few clicks away.

You just have to believe in yourself, and we will take care of the future success of your personal life!

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