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When registering on MatchPie you need to understand what brought you to a dating website. We create a comfortable environment for those people who intend to build serious relationships. That is why we recommend that you take filling out your profile responsibly, even if you are feeling ironic, or are in general a witty person. Are you focused on finding a long-term relationship? If that is the case – tell us more about yourself, your interests, and your inner world. Are you not sure what kind of information or details might interest, or scare a potential partner? Then consult our psychologist or read the FAQ section.

Secrets of a successful communication

Of course, a woman should present herself as a domestic goddess, who is capable of maintaining a comfortable and warm home environment. However, do not sell yourself short. Are you a sophisticated personality with diverse interests? Then tell us more about that. Do you love to read? Then tell us how amazing it feels during a cold winter blizzard to snuggle up on a couch with a soft blanket and immerse yourself in a fascinating novel while sipping a fragrant herb tea.

Do you want to write that you love nature? Just don’t limit it to one sentence.  Write, for example, about how you love walking in the woods or a park, when the birds are singing and flowers amaze with their unrivaled beauty. Don’t forget to add that you would love to take those walks with a dear and interesting person so you could share your romantic mood with him, or her. Don’t be afraid that your sincerity might get mistaken for naivety, or even worse – for foolish enthusiasm. The ability to enjoy life and everything it has to offer is a great character trait that you shouldn’t hide!

So, here are some tips for those who want to find their better half on MatchPie


Upload only high quality pictures. Photos of poor quality will make an unfavorable impression of you as a disorderly, careless or irresponsible person. We strongly recommended uploading more than one photo for women.  Put several photos (2-3, or better 6-10). Be sure to select different kinds of photos: taken outdoors, at home, while doing sports, at an art exhibition. If you are not sure about the quality of your photos – don’t hesitate to contact our customer support. We will at the least give you an advice, or will suggest contacting our designers, who will retouch your photo and make it look great. It is not an expensive service, and it will definitely boost your confidence.

Being online

Make sure you stay online longer, especially in the first days after creating your profile, because during that time the interest in a new member will be the highest – the so-called "first wave." Men and women, especially the "veterans" of online dating, when searching for matches usually get in touch first with those members who are online at that moment.  They simply do not have the patience to wait until the person logs in and responds to the invitation to exchange contact information.

Reply to everyone

Try responding to all or most messages, instead of only selecting by a photo. Behind an unfortunate photo might be hiding an amazing person. Think of “The Scarlet Flower" – in it, the groom of the main heroine had serious problems with his ‘looks’. Yet in the end he turned out to be a handsome prince from a good family, an owner of an island with a castle, and simply a kind person, because all along birds and animals loved him, and they are very hard to fool.

Be polite

As it happens, politeness is not considered mandatory when communicating on the Internet. This is a big mistake, and sometimes a fatal one. A simple and enjoyable conversation will no doubt be appreciated by any person, enough to continue the dialogue. Try not to use slang and jargon when communicating, even if the other person is enticing you. Most likely, you are simply being provoked J

Read member profiles

Online dating works by the same principles than the world beyond the Internet: first and foremost people crave a personal approach. In response to attention you will get attention; having proved your sincerity, you can be sure for it to be reciprocated. Showing that you care is the easiest way to win over the other person. In this regard, an online dating website offers you a lot of valuable opportunities that do not exist offline: you can see in advance the information about your partner, you can learn about the other person, their age, their interests, and anything else they wanted to disclose. So use that!

Consult a psychologist

The above tips are straightforward, because they are addressed to everyone at once. If you need answers to some specific questions that you have – contact a psychologist on MatchPie. Your communication will be anonymous, because your messages will be sent not from your account page, but directly from a “psychologist’s office." All you have to do is select one of the icons, which you think best describes the subject matter or your state of mind.

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