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Success Stories

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

It's funny, but all happy stories on MatchPie are very much alike. This was first noticed by our copywriters when they asked our couples to tell their “happy stories.”  For example, John and Natalia, he is 40, she is a little over 30 years old. He saw a picture of a blond smiling woman, who was not posing, but was simply relaxing on a couch. So he easily imagined that she was sitting in his living room. They exchanged contacts on MatchPie. Then the American started calling her and unexpectedly even for himself was sending her gifts by mail. John lives in Texas, is excellent with horses, and he already promised Natalia to teach her how to ride.

Natasha is 7 years younger than John, and she lives in Novosibirsk. The age difference did not bother her, neither did the horses. Natalia was charmed by his sense of humor, and then simply fell in love. On John’s birthday his future bride sang for him a birthday song on Skype "Happy Birthday!” and finished with a question: "What if it was meant to be?" This was the clincher for John, and he came to Russia. He proposed to Natasha ​​in the majestic Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky. For some reason it seemed very romantic to him. She said ‘yes’. After Natalia got a visa, she left for America to her beloved. They are now married and are hoping to live happily ever after.

MatchPie service also became a lucky meeting place for Ernest and Lera. As in the previous case, the man initiated the communication. He chose a girl by a photograph and wasn’t surprised when she agreed to exchange contact information. Ernest says that he would have been rather surprised if she didn’t reply to him then, because he already knew that he found the right person. Ernest was charmed by her sense of humor, erudition and modesty. Lera learned that he was divorced, has two sons, and works in the restaurant business. She was amazed at how Ernest appreciated his children, how he dreamt and talked about a as dreams and talks about a comfort of a home and a real family.

After some time each of them realized that meeting each other was a true gift. The circumstances, however, did not allow Ernest to come to Ukraine right away. He found a solution though, and sent Lera a promise ring as a token of his warm feelings and serious intentions. When all of his business affairs had been taken care of, Ernest flew to Lera and proposed to her. Now the couple lives in America, and is expecting an addition to their family.

MatchPie is a lucky ticket. A lot of our members have told us that: those who have tried all kinds of online dating sites, but found their match here. “MatchPie has a good energy" - says Frank, who found Masha in our database and eventually took her to Australia. "I would have been happy living with him anywhere, but Australia makes everything so much better”, - admitted to us on Skype tanned Masha, when we asked her to send us a family photo for a MatchPie photo album.

We could tell you so many more MatchPie success stories. As we told you in the beginning – they are all very much alike, unless we start delving into the details of obtaining visas, registering property rights, taking care of legal formalities in the host country. Well, that is because all happy families are alike. Plus, couples that met on dating sites are not too eager to talk about their past frustrating dating experiences in online dating. They all claim that all past negativity is forgotten and they only remember that last meeting, which eventually changed their lives. And now, they simply enjoy each other and their new lives together, thinking of their meeting on MatchPie as a long-awaited and well deserved gift.

We always ask our existing couples about which pie eventually has become their “family pie”. Take a look at our list:

  • Charlotte russe (Russian apple pie) (Russia)
  • Apple Pie (USA)
  • Pumpkin Pie (USA)
  • Pecan Pie (USA)
  • Napoleon cake (Russia)
  • Boston Cream Pie (USA)
  • Cheesecake (everywhere)
  • Meat Pie (Australia)
  • Cabbage pie (Russia)
  • Cornish pasty (Great Britain)
  • Chicken pie (Russia)

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