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MatchPie and the others

MatchPie is a unique dating site that is drastically different from other similar resources. We put at the center of it the intention of finding a serious relationship. That is exactly why we limited the exchange of contact information to avoid double dating, gave up on having additional entertainment features and services and only kept the functionality that will help singles in finding each other.

We have developed a simple and logical online test that allows us to obtain the necessary minimum of information about a person, his preferences, interests and lifestyle. You will take this test as part of your registration process on the website. Based on the test results the MatchPie algorithm will select you suitable matches. So please, be honest when taking a test, if want to find a serious relationship.

We also suggest to our members to verify the authenticity of their photographs – this will make your profile more credible. Remember that trust in the other party in online dating is something that is worth even more than any psychological tests.

If you need an advice from a psychologist – we have on staff a professional, experienced specialist who might not always solve all of your problems, but will definitely boost your confidence and will hopefully answer the most difficult questions.

If you believe in fate, in miracles, believe that marriages are made in heaven, and happiness is given from above – we can offer you the services of an astrologer. Sometimes the correct reading of a horoscope can help a person to make the right decision, or vice versa – can prevent from making a rash one.

Our mission is to help you find family happiness. Searching for travel companions, video chats – these are not the things we do. MatchPie is a service for those who want to build a family; it is a virtual marriage agency, if you will. You can be confident in the sincerity of intentions of the person you communicate with – as long as you are “in a relationship”, your contact information is not available to other members of the resource.  

So, why should you choose MatchPie?

Are you looking for a partner to build a serious relationship from another country? Are you dreaming about starting a new life and are not afraid to move? Do you have no time, appropriate mood and successful dating experience in your current environment? Simply register on our website. MatchPie is the resource for those who are looking for serious relationships. Among such people you too will be searching for a life partner and, perhaps, the main person in your life.

What makes MatchPie unique:

  • We verify the authenticity of member photographs
  • We selected suitable matches based on the results of psychological testing
  • Members registered on our site have serious intentions
  • We guarantee confidentiality of your personal information
  • Under no circumstances we will request personal information from you, which is not provided under our user agreement
  • If you want, you can always provide any personal information to the other party in your correspondence
  • Restricting the exchange of contact information for those who are "in a relationship" – an additional guarantee of serious intentions of your partner
  • We provide consultations with a psychologist for our registered members
  • We also provide services of an astrologist to determine compatibility

Don’t wait too long to meet your other half! Be happy!

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