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About MatchPie

MatchPie is a unique dating site. In the process of creating it we took into account all positive and negative experiences from around the world of online and offline dating and we offer you the best: we match a couple based on the results of psychological testing and then we limit the exchange of contact information for the matched pair. When communicating with your match on MatchPie, you can be sure that he as well is communicating only with you: he chose you, is interested in you, and for as long as your mutual interest is there – you will communicate only with each other. So, we are saying ‘no’ to multiple simultaneous dating (double dating), and we are saying ‘yes’ to choosing a partner based on interests, character, and emotions.  Everything is sincere, moderately confidential and 100% honest.

We are not that interested as to why you came to MatchPie. If you are here – that means you are hoping for an encounter that might even change your life. The psychologists who created the test for our website members believe that for every person there is an ideal match. Our objective is to make that search for your partner as convenient, enjoyable and as safe as possible.

MatchPie is an international dating site: if you are looking for love in America, Europe, Asia, Australia – then you are in the right place. However, it is also possible that your other half lives across the street from you, but you still haven’t met simply due to circumstances. Well, use our website to meet someone across the globe or in your own city.

MatchPie was created especially for those people who are looking for serious relationships. Our mission is to unite the single hearts that are tired of loneliness, disappointments or stereotypes. If you are at least somewhat proficient is the English language, then your chances of finding a partner for a serious relationship on MatchPie are significantly higher. In the worst case scenario, you can always use an online translator, which, of course, does not convey your emotions as well as a live chat, but will help you nonetheless to express yourself.

We invite the fair sex of the humankind from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries with predominant Slavic population, because Slavic women are known to be beautiful, smart and free of fanatical career ambitions and self-obsession. They make wonderful partners in grief and in joy, caring mothers and interesting companions.

We also invite women from the Asian countries, as they possess unique oriental beauty, are impeccably mannered, tender and skillful in a household. They will fill the relationship with an inner light, and the house – with comfort, tranquility and warmth.

We are also waiting for European women, intelligent and ironic, who have a sense of humor to seduce their partner, and enough tact not to scare him off. They are tolerant, sincere and have a talent of truly enjoying life and everything it has to offer.

We know for sure, that the stronger sex of the mankind, which at this point is represented on MatchPie mostly by residents of the USA, Canada and Australia, has long been waiting for new encounters, is ready for serious relationships and is sincerely interested in finding life partners.

MatchPie website is like a Cupid, whose mission is to find people who match with each other and should be together despite the distances that separate them. You should think of MatchPie not just as a database of profiles, but also as a recipe book of good families. Here you are given a unique opportunity to make a pie using your own taste preferences and expectations from your other half. Become a chef of your own destiny. Create that pie, which will remain invariably tasty for both of you for the rest of your life together!

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